Why Should You Use WordPress As The Default CMS?
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Among many other CMS platforms, WordPress is one of the easiest, user-friendliest and effective programs that allow you to manage your content easily. Besides, there are a lot of free plugins that do everything for you as you do not need to code almost anything. There is even a wordpress table plugin for managing the tables and databases!

So, considering all these, is there any need to explain why is it the most popular? Okay, we will present more proof that will convince you to use WordPress as the default CMS.

It is an open-source project

As we said, this platform lets you use more than 90% of free plugins that will accomplish whatever you need to. At the moment, there are 50,000 plugins that you can use, edit and deploy as your own piece of software, with specifying the GPL of course.

Create Site Via WordPress
Learning To Create Site In WordPress

Whatever comes to your mind, from SEO plugins, contact forms or eCommerce templates, you can create with this CMS totally free! Anything you can do with it, you can publish and allow other users to use it! Therefore, it is a super open source CMS that allows you to perform anything you want!

It is super user-friendly

Another aspect that we did mention is the easy installation, use and maintenance. You can install it on the local server and practice a bit before you deploy a real and live website. Each component is easy to use and does not require some special technical knowledge.

Additionally, each component and plugin has its page where you can see the process of installation or implementing it for some other purpose.

Also, there is a huge support community that is ready to help you with any problem you might face. If you buy premium tools, then you have the full documentation and 24/7 support available!

Allows easy cloning

If you create a lot of websites, you must know how exhaustive can be to create every single page, with the same features. Instead of coding every single website, you can use many popular plugins to make a copy of your website that will serve as a template for future projects.

Interesting Things For WordPress
Creating New Plugin’s For WordPress

UpDraftPlus is one of the best plugins that will allow you creating the backup of content, database and all other objects that are related to your website. The process of backup takes several clicks, as well as restoring and uploading the website.

Offers a high level of security

Yes, it is a highly secure platform that will save you from the hacker’s attacks! Of course, to be honest sometimes is simply impossible to defend it against the hackers, but due to the high-quality security plugins, this will be reduced to a minimum.

The platform comes with Akismet, which is one of the best spam blockers that you can find, though you can add multiple plugins that enhance the security aspect later on. The best part is that the majority of security tweaks can be done via plugins, instead through the standard coding process.


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