Mind Blowing Technology Inventions

It goes without mentioning how the latest technology can be used in entertainment, but also constructively in everyday life. Recent products that were developed and produced by some of the leading tech companies show us the extent of what we can do with the knowledge and advanced technology we possess right now. Here are some of the best mind blowing inventions that will leave your breathless.


ShiftwearDo you remember those sneakers that had a glowing heel? That might be considered a pioneer of modern shoe design idea. Shiftwear is a unique technology that allows you to design your own look of a shoe. The surface on shoe sides allows interaction with the application on your phone. This application transmits signals to the receptor in the fiber on the sneaker, and finally, you can see a shape appear on it. Everything from a short animation to a picture can be shown on the surface of the shoe.

Meet Chip

Chip is a new project in robotics that gave birth to a new series of robotic pets. Chip will interact with his surrounding and your family just as a real dog would. Except that it doesn’t require feeding or taking long walks, and jogging. Chip is what latest breakthrough in technology has to offer. He can follow commands, and recognize its owner with ease. This is allowed by a face recognition scanner program located next to his inner-computer. The best thing about it is that it relies on artificial intelligence to learn new tricks. The more tricks you teach him-more badges he will get. So in a way Chip is a unique blend of software and robot, where as his knowledge grows, you get points for his development.

Holovit- 3D Hologram Technology Finally Within Reach

We’ve all seen it in science fiction movies of the past- a holo-recorder that transmits 3D images to the recipient. Now it’s time to see the real thing. For now the technology is in primary stages and doesn’t offer more than a simple demonstration of what is about to come with newer, more complex models of Holovit.


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