Top Amazon Gadgets

Amazon is definitely the best way to find new products and apps that are considered as latest inventions in technology. But spending time on Amazon is bound to lighten your wallet for a couple of hundred dollars, and you wouldn’t want that. But who can blame you, every time I go there I end up buying at least a couple of things that I don’t really need. To avoid unnecessary risk of overspending, we’ve made a list comprised of latest technological innovations that you’re sure to find a use for.


MogeesPlayA simple device that interacts with vibrations in materials it is connected to, thus creating sound. How many times you found yourself air-drumming your favorite song on a public transportation, at the office or home? The urge to express our possible hidden talents doesn’t allow us to stay still when motivated by music. This is how the idea to develop MogeesPlay was born. By connecting MogeesPlay with your phone or a tablet and placing the device on any surface, you’ll be able to create a unique instrument. Every vibration that it detects, caused by your interaction with the material, will be registered and transformed into a sound. And there are limitless possibilities when it comes to creating a new sound so make sure you explore as many as you can and don’t forget to have fun with it.

Code Wallet.

Spending time in different countries, exploring country after country each year is a great way to use your vacation. But there is one thing that comes to mind when traveling to the unknown-your financial safety. The wallet sticking out of your back pocket can make you an easy target for local burglars and thieves while traversing exotic country’s most popular regions. What if you had a mobile bank with you to keep all your finance safe? With Code wallet, you can do just that. Its unique compact design allows you to store up to 12 credit cards and a considerate amount of dollars as well as euros in it. And the best thing about it is that it’s locked and secured with a code. Only you can open your new wallet, and only you have a use for it.

FLIC- A Button for Every Action.

What if you could expand the use of your phone to control every action and app with one button? Meet FLIC-a wireless button device that you can attach anywhere in your apartment and associate an action on your phone with it. It doesn’t matter if you want to connect your music player with it, or call a cab to pick you up, FLIC got you covered. It’s like binding actions to a specific button, and you can place these buttons on any object in your vicinity. Think of the possibilities of a wireless controlling. All you need to do is get the FLIC’s and download an app on your iPhone that connects it with FLIC buttons. You can set your bike with one, to act as a GPS device. Just put your headphones and listen to instructions! You can also interact with other devices in your house like TV or air-conditioning system, or light. It can also act as a distress signal and improve your safety. By pressing the button, you can send a GPS signal to your family or associate an action with it like calling the police.


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