AI Robot Beats Poker Players

In 20th poker tournament held in Pittsburgh, poker players finally met their match. This isn’t just any poker tournament; this is a place where human poker skills are put to the test against AI robot. Similar to Kasparov’s chess play with Deep Blue back in the late 1990’s, AI robot’s skills proved to be too much to handle for these professional poker players.

Meet Libratus

Libratus--a-poker-playing-robotA new artificial technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University allowed a creation of a perfect machine for playing poker. Robotic researchers have outmatched themselves this time by creating Libratus- a poker playing a robot with artificial intelligence. The progress in robotics is becoming apparent as there are many examples where robots are exceeding their expectations in the industry as well as entertainment. Libratus is the first one to win a contest against a human, as all his other predecessor failed to win against a human brain in a poker tournament. The reason why it’s so hard for a robot to win in a poker match is that of the lack of ability to bluff or hide the original intention behind the moves he makes. This is where we see progress in artificial intelligence in robotics. Not only that they can learn how to copy moves, but they are apparently able to understand the motive behind certain “dumb” moves in playing poker. And this is impressive and frankly a bit scary.

Against All Odds

The tournament was rigged in a way, favoring the players instead robot. The odds were 5 to 1 against Libratus and still the machine was able to prevail and beat others players against all the odds. With over 120, 000 hands played in the tournament players had more than enough chances to outsmart the robot. The No-Limit Texas Hold tournament lasted for 20 days, with players attending from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The prize for wining over a robot was more than motivating, promising 200 thousand dollars for winning team to share among themselves


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