The Most Played Games On Android Devices In 2020
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The games are something that ever grownups play and there is literally no limit to the age that has been playing these. Kids, teenagers, grown-ups, moms and even grandparents like to play an adventure or use Panda Helper to get their game modified and filled with resources!

The technology has evolved so much that you can play almost any genre on your Android device including RPG, horror, survival, FPS, sports, racing etc.

Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the most popular titles for Android devices in 2020!

Boris and the Dark – one of the best survival games for smart devices

If you like survival genre with the flavor of horror, then you will love this game! It comes from the same company that created Bendy and the Ink Machine so you can expect the same graphics and very similar gameplay. While you are exploring the world, this classic cartoon-like game will have a Demon that will hunt you all the time.AC Market App is great app for using.

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The menu is designed smoothly so you can see your stats, stamina, health, items that you collect and other useful items that you will use to reveal the secrets of a mysterious world. As you play, you collect the items that you use throughout the play.

Gam Dev Tycoon – run your own game development company

Although we do not see this type of game very often, this is something that all people like as it is simple to play, has no violence or scary situations, neither requires you to turn your brain upside down to understand how to do something.Using Provenance Emulator and have a great experience

You start as a development team in the 1980s, trying to come up with the title that will bring customers and create a strong fan base.

As you play, you have to research the new technologies, design the engines and use your team to deliver the best possible adventure on the market. We could say that this is one of the best business simulations that contains some realistic aspects of the game industry.

Rest in Pieces – fight the nightmare and save the character

This one comes from genre “runners” as you dodge left or right to avoid obstacles and fight your way forward till you end the level. However, unlike running with your character and jumping, you will play as a porcelain figure that hangs on rope and swings left to right to avoid getting hit. Though the gameplay seems easy, it takes a lot of practice to become a god in this adventure.

Playing Game On Phone
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You follow different characters that pass through their nightmares. Each character has alternate outfits so you can unlock these as you play.

Though it may be a bit simple game where you do not have to solve puzzles and pull the levers, it really takes a lot of time before you become good.

Therefore, if you are looking for something to challenge your movement and agility, look no further as Rest In Pieces gives you everything! Even the atmosphere is spooky enough!


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