The Best 3 Web Design Tips For 2020 You Should Know
Create A Responsive Design

When you launch a website, the ultimate goal is to provide your users with the optimized user experience that will enable them to get the service they are looking for.

Have you ensured that your website is fast enough? Have you provided easy navigation so your users could understand your service/business?

All these are things you must consider when owning a website. For this reason, we have prepared the best web design tips for 2020. We highly recommend you Google some of these things to understand better the optimal performance of the website as well as the additional things that we will not mention in this article.Read more on Top Store.

Remove complex animations and large images

We all like to see complex animations or high-quality images as it is appealing. Still, having the complex animations on your page requires a lot of resources so you could ensure the optimal performance of the website.

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One of the first things that inexperienced designers do is that they include large images and complex animations that indeed look fantastic! However, you should know that these slow down your website significantly and make it less accessible, which reduces the level of user experience. Everyone who lands on your page will be delighted with the professional animations, however, all of them will be frustrated with the slow loading time, which can result in leaving your site.Provenance Emulator is a good app.

Social interaction is a must, especially for e-stores

The social interaction with users is something that every company has as people like to “talk to the company” as they feel more secure and safe.

As we have so many different social platforms, having a social profile for your company is something that you must not forget.

The social profiles, whether you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, are the proof that your company is legit and it is not a scam. Therefore, make sure to fill out the complete profile and provide all the information that your users could need. When you introduce the new product in your store, make sure to make an announcement so your followers and potential customers could see the new products and make a purchase.

CTAs are must-have

Call To Action buttons are the inevitable parts of every good website and your job is to ensure that these are placed at the right spots and that is easily spotted by the users. Once the users land on your page, they need some kind of direction regarding their actions.

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If you have a brochure with products, you might want to include the CTA button for the download of the brochure and it is natural to include it in the section of your products. Also, if you plan to host a webinar, you might want to offer the users to save themselves a spot for the webinar. This button can be included in the section where you talk about the upcoming webinar. While it is important to have these CTAs, it is also important to place them in the appropriate places.


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