Tesla Autopilot Cars

It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished so far in the area of technology and how we implemented that knowledge to improve our everyday life. Not only that we’ve made it safer, but also allowed the technology to be more available to everyone. The previous models of Tesla electric cars showed us that there is a way to drive a car without filling the air with CO2 thus damaging the atmosphere. Next to being eco-friendly there is a new advantage that these cars offer.

Driving With no Hands.

Tesla-Autopilot-Cars-no-handsIn 2014 customers of Tesla electric cars were given another reason to pick this car next to a classical fuel-based one. We are of course talking about auto-pilot. The option to activate auto-pilot doesn’t exactly work as you think. There is a list of requirements you need to fill before engaging in autopilot driving. You can’t simply walk into your Tesla car, shut the doors, start the engine and after inputting the desired destination activate the autopilot.

It doesn’t work that way. For the auto-pilot option to be ready, you need to spend a bit more time introducing your new car to your surrounding and traffic. The autopilot is a data-requiring system where you need to feed the computer in your car with that data for it to become available and functional. These requirements include a map of the area, maintaining a constant speed, to allow the car’s computer to become familiarized with the vehicles around you and so on.

The sensors that are located in both front and rear bumpers can scan for vehicles up to 16 feet in around you. All you need to do is give it time to learn how cars around you behave. The best thing you can do is to head to a lower speed highway where you can maintain the speed and in time activate the autopilot option. This option doesn’t come with the car itself, as customers can buy it additionally for roughly 5000 dollars.

So if you are planning a long trip, or you just took that job offer that requires long rides, upgrading your car is the right thing to do. The best thing is that it doesn’t only work in a relatively high-speed lanes, but it also comes handy when parking. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll eventually start to enjoy long rides. In future as this technology improves we will see more and more of these self-driving cars, and who knows maybe a completely self-sustained full auto-auto-pilot enables cars.


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