Primitive-The Graphical Interpreter

Learn Programming on a Whole Different Level

We’ve certainly felt the commodities that come with recent progress in technology and every gadget that it gave birth to. The sole purpose of investing in technology, both time and money, is to increase and speed up the process of producing and inventing new ways to upgrade life as we know it. For this reason, we tend to follow the latest news in technology and keep track of released programs, software, and gadgets that can make our life a whole lot easier.

Step right into the Matrix of Coding

We are becoming so dependent on technology that we can’t think life without it. When it comes to creation and invention in technology one is required to know programming in order to create life in either virtual (software, program) or material (robot, gadget) form and there is no way around it. If we are learning something new, we often visualize things and associate similar actions one to another to better understand the topic and create a mental picture of how that system works.


In this case, the system is a programming language, and the elements are codes, but how codes interact with one another, creating functions and actions in the process is beyond any rooky programmer. Knowing how important programming is for the future, people from the tech department developed a new idea that binds virtual reality and programming into one product. Primitive is a virtual reality programming interpreter that allows a better understanding of programming languages. For now, it only works with Java, but we can expect other programming languages like Panther, IBM, or any other to become available in the future.

Speeding up The Learning Process

Learning ProcessWhat the creation of such gadget allows us is to better understand programming as we can directly see how things are connected in the matrix of programming. It’s basically skipping one step in communication, allowing faster comprehension. Before we say something we have only thought in our head, these thoughts are represented with pictures, and they transformed into words. By seeing the picture of the Java structure, we are not only allowed to learn faster but also understand better how things work. Words can be misinterpreted, and this is why it takes more time for some to learn something and less for others.


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