We all know what Oculus Rift is, a virtual reality headset that started the era of VR with its appearance. But there are speculations that this technology or at least idea was stolen by Facebook. And the recent event in Dallas County indeed suggests that there is something going on.  Game maker Zenimax has lawsuits culminated into a trial held on January 9. In Dallas court.

Zenimax’s Assumptions.

They claim that this technology was actually stolen, and Mark Zuckerberg will have to confirm this claim in a court. One of the things he would confirm is that the technology he acquired for 2 billion dollars was actually stolen. The process didn’t happen instantaneously as it was a carefully constructed process involving several employees of Id Software including the one in the center of the trial Oculus CTO John Carmack. Carmack previously ran id Software together with Zenimax, creating games like “Doom” and “Quake.”


Now with Zuckerberg confirming that the purchased technology was stolen, Zenimax accusing Oculus and John Carmack in the middle of it as primary suspect of contemplating illegal inter-company information transfer, there is a real trial to happen. Until further trials occur, we are left to speculate how Mark Zuckerberg will testify. He isn’t the only Oculus employee that will be put to court for testifying. Iribe and Luckey will also accompany Mark on the court the attempt of resolving what Zenimax’s attorney refers to one of the biggest technology heists in history.

The Accusations and Testimony.

Oculus-employeesThe actual date of testimony in a court isn’t scheduled, but the public can soon expect updates on the situation’s resolve. The actual question that will be presented to Oculus employees, including to Mark Z., is already known, however. Next to testifying that the acquired technology was actually stolen before Facebook purchased it for 2 billion dollars, Oculus employees will be asked to explain the details that connect the invention of VR headset with their company, the process of how they came to acquire it, and whether the contract with Zenimax was violated in any way.


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