Life Changing Technological Inventions

What we’ve accomplished in fields of robotics, science in general, and technology in the past few years is truly inspiring. Inventions like AI robots, VR headsets, and other more impressive ones, are certainly ideas that will push our progress further increasing the enthusiasm to reach for the stars. If you are into tech, you probably know what’s about to appear on the market and what’s lightyear ahead. Here is a list of impressive inventions you might have missed that marked previous year.

Hand Energy’s Charger

Hand-ChargerHow many times you forgot to charge your phone before heading to a festival or any other adventure that lasts for a couple of days. Not only that you won’t be able to communicate with others using your phone, but you’ll be doomed to wander in search for a decent charger as well. With hand energy’s new product you won’t have to worry about being next to a power source anymore. Hand Charger is a hand-held device that generates power that you can use to charge your phone. The amount of energy it generates is only enough for charging your phone trough a connected charger.


Divers and marine photographers know the importance of a good quality camera. This is why they take a lot of time to inspect every aspect of the equipment they are buying. Now you won’t have to think about filters, quality of the lens, or setting the lighting effect before each dive. With Octospot you’re covered on every aspect of marine photography, and all you need to do is get your gear and start recording.


Sphericam 2

Introducing Sphericam the only way of recording your surrounding with ease. Sphere cam can record videos in a 360 degrees radius, filtering the image with six lenses while recording. It is the ultimate experience for camera enthusiasts, as it is surprisingly small in design and still able to deliver uncompromising quality with every recording. No more worrying about getting the right angle or if you used the right filter or lens, Sphericam has you covered.


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