Can A Robot Take Your Job?

With the recent increase in numbers of produced robots that can perform simple tasks, questions are being asked whether or not they should be treated almost like human beings regarding rights possession. The urgency to make a law that will not only provide AI robots with an “electronic personhood” but also give companies that would employ or use them a way to ensure their legal safety, comes from the European Parliament itself.

The Effects of Robotics on Everyday Life

You’ve seen the headlines, heard it on the radio, saw it on the news, it is irreversible. Companies are heading towards employing robots to replace you; it may not happen today but it certainly will in future. But surely this change must open other working places and functions that are required to be performed by a human hand instead of a robot one? The recent voting for regulation of the “electric personhood” law to come to action, suggests otherwise. The European Parliament is without a doubt on the side of corporations and suggests that this law could only make things easier in the future in matters of robot rights and take part in legal cases regarded to work and conditions of work.


The voting results were passed by the legal affairs committee of the parliament with a 17 to 2 vote. The two votes that weren’t for adopting this new law that provides a “citizenship” to robots were abstentions. But there isn’t a reason to alarm yourself with this information. The only thing that committee is trying to achieve here is to establish a legal framework that will act as a structural set of laws that will allow the creation of every other law in the future in the area of employment and robotics. Not only that it will serve as a base to start from for the current models, but they also expect for it to determine how future models will be treated. So it’s safe to say that we will see more and more of these personal-assistant robots in our supermarkets, libraries, gas stations, and in every other convenience store. What this means either that you’ll have to look for another job or create your own business. After all, everything is leading towards personal business development.


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