Tech Jobs

Technology has introduced many useful gadgets and inventions into our lives, and without a doubt continues to do so. On one side we have the consumers whose lives are improved by these technological innovations, but on the other side, we have producers that offer services and products and the commodity that consumers receive. And right there in the middle, there is a working class that allows this mechanism to work in the first place. As it turns that class might be endangered by automation and the recent rise in numbers of automated robots. Here is a list of jobs that might be endangered by technological innovations in the field of robotics.

Mail Carrier

This honest and decent job is about to be extinct as there are new means of sending mail in future. Beside digital information, we still stick to traditional means of sending information across countries to one another. As recent innovations in technology, in the field of robotics to be precise, begin to manifest in the form of automated robots more frequently in the past couple of years, we tend to worry about certain job positions and the need for this function in modern society.

learning for robots

Laser Precision Technology

Jewelers are also endangered by robotic automation, as more and more models are being presented for private business that can replace the human hand in this stone crafting profession. Not only that they can cut with better precision, but also design better as artificial intelligence plays an important role in profession learning for robots.

Broadcasters and Newspaper Reporters

Another department that will be replaced by machines is media. A statistics from the department of labor in U.S. predict that by 2024 we’ll see a decrease of 26 percent in mail carrier jobs, leading up to a loss of up to approximately 130,000 jobs. A similar scenario is expected for broadcasters and newspaper reporters, as we’ll see more efficient means of exchanging information.

Program to Create other Program?

This sound like a Sci-Fi plot where machines create, repairs and conduct maintenance on other machines increasing their numbers to alarming and possibly overwhelming extent in comparison to our own numbers. But this is not the case, the next job on this list that is predicted to be replaced by a machine is basic programming. As we learn more about programming, we tend to replace or automatize simpler function of programs and actions in programming that require unnecessary usage of human time and effort. This way basic programs and robots would conduct basic programming actions assisting us in achieving greater deeds and upgrading our knowledge of programming. And there is nothing more to it than that.


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