Spotting phone hackers – how to recognize and prevent phone hacks

However, if take a look at How to find out if your phone is hacked» 8bit Sumo article, then you will see that the danger of being hacked never went down.
IT Support

Hacks That Only IT Support Knows

We know that nowadays many people use IT support, but could you handle the situation yourself? We have talked to IT Support Boston to find out some of the best tips that could help us learn how to deal with some common computer issues and solve them.
social network based business

Downsides of the social network based business

Social networks offer a broad array of marketing opportunities and many people go on and start social network marketing campaigns. Now, this isn’t a bad way to advertise, but very few...
Life Changing Technological Inventions

Life-Changing Technological Inventions You Must See if you’re a Tech Geek

What we’ve accomplished in fields of robotics, science in general, and technology in the past few years is truly inspiring. Inventions like AI robots, VR headsets, and other more impressive ones,...
Mind Blowing Technology Inventions

Top Mind Blowing Technology Inventions that You Must See

It goes without mentioning how the latest technology can be used in entertainment, but also constructively in everyday life. Recent products that were developed and produced by some of the leading...

Oculus Affair- One of the biggest technology heists ever

We all know what Oculus Rift is, a virtual reality headset that started the era of VR with its appearance. But there are speculations that this technology or at least idea...
Tech Jobs

Are You Next? Most Endangered Job Titles by Automation

Technology has introduced many useful gadgets and inventions into our lives, and without a doubt continues to do so. On one side we have the consumers whose lives are improved by...
Primitive-The Graphical Interpreter

Primitive –The Graphical Interpreter

Learn Programming on a Whole Different Level We’ve certainly felt the commodities that come with recent progress in technology and every gadget that it gave birth to. The sole purpose of investing...
Can A Robot Take Your Job?

Future Employment- Can A Robot Take your Job?

With the recent increase in numbers of produced robots that can perform simple tasks, questions are being asked whether or not they should be treated almost like human beings regarding rights...
Tesla Autopilot Cars

Tesla Autopilot Cars- Building a Safer Future

It’s amazing what we’ve accomplished so far in the area of technology and how we implemented that knowledge to improve our everyday life. Not only that we’ve made it safer, but...